Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Explore the latest news from the Penwith Landscape Partnership through our blog posts below.

A Penwith Hedge in Art - A blog written by Amanda Richardson and Sara Bevan

16th August 2022

The project to portray a Penwith Hedge in art, through the four seasons, began a year ago.  We two artists, Sara Bevan and Amanda Richardson, are both passionate about the landscapes of the far west of Cornwall.  We have lived and worked here for most of our lives.  Cornish Hedges are an integral part of our art.  

A Year of a Cornish Hedge

5th November 2021

Artists Amanda Richard and Sara Bevan will be artistically recording a Cornish Hedge for a year, providing a window into the beauty and biodiversity of these historic structures. In this blog they introduce themselves and the work they have undertaken so far. 

An artistic summer inspired by Penwith

16th August 2021

This summer has seen a number of events linked with our Seeing the Landscape project - appreciating and celebrating the Penwith landscape through art. Here we have a look at some of the events that have taken place!

Penwith in the Summer

19th July 2021

Summer is here, and here's some ways you can enjoy the season in Penwith with the help of the Penwith Landscape Partnership

Create a Cornish Hedge artwork with Seeing the Landscape

1st April 2021

Just in time for Easter weekend, and to tie in with our Hedge Week, Sue Kinley has shared another great family art activity - creating your own Cornish Hedge artwork! Read the post to find how.

Creating a Christmas Spiral Tree Decoration

21st December 2020

Sue Kinley shares a great festive art activity incorporating Penwith greenery as part of our Seeing the Landscape project

Create a Stained Glass Design inspired by Penwith

25th November 2020

Sue Kinley shares another great family art activity - creating a stained glass design inspired by the sights and colours of Penwith

Mosaic and Stripes Art Activity with Seeing the Landscape

7th October 2020

Sue Kinley shares another great art activity you can try as part of our Seeing the Landscape project

Make your Own Concertina Sketchbook with Seeing the Landscape

28th August 2020

Sue Kinley, who is working on family activities for our Seeing the Landscape project, shares a fun artistic activity for all the family- make a concertina sketchbook for recording the Penwith landscape.