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Christmas Spiral Art ActivityAs part of our Seeing the Landscape project Sue Kinley has shared another great idea for an art activity inspired by and incorporating Penwith greenery.

This Christmas decoration could be used to dress a tree inside or out, depending on the weather!

Find a piece of A4 thin coloured card to cut out the spiral shape here. I stuck the silver wrapper of a chocolate bar to one side to add a bit of Christmas sparkle – see what you can re-cycle!

Either print the spiral drawing straight onto your card if possible, or print out and trace. Cut along the lines until you reach the centre, leaving enough room in the middle to make a small hole.

See what small interesting stems you can find in hedgerows or in your garden to hang down through the spiral – I used ivy and cornus.

Gather 2 or 3 stems to push through the hole from underneath the flat spiral and wind some thread around the top to keep in place, leaving enough for hanging. You could use a small piece of sellotape if needed.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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