Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Composite of images from the St Just countrysideSince working at the PLP office in St Just, it’s always a pleasure at lunchtime to get out and stretch my legs and investigate the wonderful walks, paths, alleyways and climbs we have around here.

As the Administrator of the group I may not recognise all of nature’s wildlife but I certainly do appreciate it; the office can be busy and noisy so it’s great to go out and make a connection with nature- and who doesn’t feel better after a walk?

Today I took a wander down to Carn Gloose, towards Bollowall, and it really felt quite spring like!  Beautiful blue skies, the warmth of the sun and a very slight breeze. When there is such clarity around, the senses feel heightened, and a joy and appreciation of those things that sometimes are not always noticed. The sparrows adeptly nipping in and out of the hedges, the calling of the crows and the hovering of the buzzard with its striking undercarriage (my favourite bird of prey). The colours of the Cornish hedge- pinks, browns, russets- full of plants that are nameless to me, but back in the office with our wealth of experts I have found out that there are Alexanders, Pennywort or Navelwort, and Polypody growing on it. It is times like these I wish I’d kept my I-spy books so I could tick off what I’ve seen.

One pale coloured field I passed was covered in tiny white daisies, now if I’d been rushing by I wouldn’t have spotted them they as they were well camouflaged. After all the rough weather we’ve had recently, I bet it was good for them to turn their faces to the sun.

Strong granite gate posts holding up a newly made Penwith gate, it is great to see the tradition of this design continuing, so important for the heritage of this area. Before I get to my destination, a stop to have a look at some Usnea also known as Beard lichen growing on some bushes, fascinating!

When I get to the bench it’s time to turn and head back, but not before taking in a salty breath of air and admiring the light dancing on the sea, it's these small things that bring me a sense of well-being and peace, in a world that is super busy.

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