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We are pleased to be working Synne Foss Budal of ‘Nofence’ from Norway, local farmer stakeholders Lisa and Piers Guy. and James Daniel of Precision Grazing and PLP Farming Future grazing consultant in the creation of this set of YouTube films on Nofence. Nofence is the “World’s first virtual fence for livestock [giving] access to healthy pastures at the touch of your fingertip” Nofence (2021)

This online discussion has been produced to help farmers and commoners in the Penwith Landscape Partnership (PLP) project area and those further afield, to gain information about how this system might work in their farm or as part of a grazing programme on common land.

In the first film Synne Foss Budal (UK Sales Director) explains how Nofence equipment works and gives an introduction on how the system can be set up and used via a smart phone. This includes information on drawing grazing paddocks, exclusion zone and how animals can be tracked around the grazing area using the collars.

In the second film Lisa Guy relates her experience of using the Nofence system in a conservation grazing situation and the ability to restrict access to nearby ancient monuments.  This is particularly important in the Penwith Landscape Partnership area, because we have a number of very important archaeological sites.

In the third video James Daniel of Precision Grazing describes how the Nofence collars can be used in a commercial system with growing dairy heifers. James’s research shows that the Nofence collars can give greater flexibility and control over stock, allowing animals to be moved into new areas as required to prevent poaching and allowing livestock to use hedges and woodland for shelter.

This is an extremely exciting development in terms of livestock farming and has many applications in terms of conservation and commercial grazing. Please also click here to visit the Nofence website.

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