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After the 5th wettest winter on record rainfall for May has been 25% of average, and with no rain forecast for the next couple weeks pasture growth is slowing up meaning that many farms are now in a feed deficit. Taking lessons from the dry period in 2018 it is important to have a plan in place to help maintain animal performance. By being proactive and planning, this means there are more options available to help reduce farm demand and protect farm pasture cover to ensure that you recover quickly when it rains. In this 30 minute video James Daniel, Director of Precision Grazing, is joined by Edward Richardson (Farm Cornwall) and Phil Pengelly (Penwith Landscape Partnership) to discuss the options available to manage a period of dry weather. 


If you would like support to prepare your own dry weather plan or any other advise please get in touch:

James Daniel: Email or ring 01566 700394

Edward Richardson: Email or ring 07775 667825

Philip Pengelly: Email or ring 07976731376

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