Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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These galleries explore some of the breathtaking sights of Penwith we have been lucky to come across while working on the Penwith Landscape Partnership. Clicking on an image in each of the galleries will make it full-size.

Mousehole School images of Sancreed Beacon and Tony's Wood

In March 2020 as part of our Seeing the Landscape project, pupils from Lugger and Schooner classes from Mousehole School were each supplied with a camera for the morning, and encouraged to photograph whatever they found interesting around Sancreed Beacon and Tony's Wood - sites chosen for their range of habitats, wildlife, and historical interest. Each pupil was then promised that they might choose their favourite picture, to be displayed in an exhibition at Solomon Browne Memorial Hall and here on the Penwith Landscape Partnership website.

Although delayed by lockdown, each child has now chosen their favourite image, and they are displayed here. Accompanying them is a description in the children's own words why they chose that particular image. They were also asked if they had any messages for the attendees to the G7 summit (taking place in June 2021 at Carbis Bay) regarding the natural world, and those messages are here too. The exhibition provides an insight into the children’s views of the Penwith landscape, and their thoughts and feelings about nature and conservation.

A display of the images will take place at the Solomon Browne Memorial Hall in Mousehole on 7th-17th June 2021. The idea for this project was suggested by Lynne Jones OBE, as a local adaptation of projects she has previously undertaken with refugee children. A massive thank you to Lynne, Solomon Browne Memorial Hall, Mousehole School and of course the pupils of Lugger and Schooner classes for taking part.