Penwith Landscape Partnership area map

Map showing the boundary of the Penwith Landscape Partnership scheme area

The map shows the full extent of the Penwith Landscape Partnership scheme area which covers a total of 227.8km2.  It includes four distinct Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) as defined by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Landscape Character Study carried out by Cornwall Council between 2005-07- click here for more information.   The area is also closely aligned to the Natural England’s National Character Area No 156 – West Penwith.

Project activity will be carried out across 202km2 in three of the LCAs (LCA01, LCA02 and LCA03) i.e. the westernmost and more rural part of the area, in eleven rural Parishes, and excluding the urban areas of Penzance and St Ives (within LCA04).  The project boundary includes LCA04 as this is where the highest concentration of people who will benefit from the scheme live, and is the location of the larger market and economic centres.