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Orth Pedn an Wlas

At the End of the Land

At the End of the Land


Penwith Landscape Partnership


Access to Penwith: Supporting the development trails with interpretation, and practical improvements to Rights of Way and Open Access land


Orth Pedn an Wlas or At the End of the Land aimed to make the unique heritage of the Penwith Landscape more accessible through improving existing access paths. This included a number of trails that link archaeological sites across the landscape throughout West Penwith, and to provide suitable access to both well-known and lesser-known historic sites and locations.

The project worked with parish councils, landowners, farmers and other stakeholders to resolve access issues and improve the condition and extent of footpaths, bridleways, and paths on open access land; and supported and trained volunteers in the maintenance and management access paths, with the assistance of local contractors where necessary..

This project will also developed resources encouraging the use and appreciation of our the trails in conjunction with some of our other projects; notably with our Ancient Penwith project and PLEN interactive platform.  

At the End of the Land was delivered by our Access Officer, working closely with Parish Councils, Cornwall Council and other stakeholders, and with the help of our Practical Tasks Officer.  

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