Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Gweles an Tirwedh

Seeing the Landscape

Seeing the Landscape


Penwith Landscape Partnership with the support of external contractors Mayes Creative and Sue Kinley


Promoting and encouraging arts and culture across all PLP projects


Gweles an Tirwedh or Seeing the Landscape will work with Penwith communities to celebrate its cultural identity; and to record, in words, painting, poetry and multimedia, the people and their involvement in the landscape by sharing their skills, techniques and activities. Penwith has a unique fusion of language, heritage and landscape which has inspired artists and writers for hundreds of years. Today the landscape is still an inspiration to many, and numerous community events and festivals have strong connections with Penwith’s distinctive social and cultural history.

The project will make available a small amount of funding each year with which to organise events across the PLP area that will help communicate the importance of the Penwith landscape through arts, language and culture; and to publicise the work of the various projects. Funding may also be available to support existing local events looking at heritage in the landscape. The emphasis will be on engaging with other events and initiatives already part of the cultural landscape of Penwith, to bring a heritage in the landscape focus to these events where appropriate, and with PLP participation in the form of stalls and activities.

Through a number of varied and targeted activities, the project aims to:

  • encourage individuals to take part in activities linking art and culture to the landscape

  • engage school-aged children from Penwith in arts and culture related activities

  • hold Seeing the Landscape arts competitions with poetry, painting, sculpture, photographs, writing or compositions

  • share works created during the Seeing the Landscape project and inspired by the Penwith landscape both online and in exhibitions

  • develop an extensive digital archive of work produced 

Beneficiaries of the project may include Cornish language societies and local history groups, schools and colleges, as well as all project participants, local residents and visitors.

This project will be led within the PLP team by Nicole Broadhurst, our Community Coordinator, and Katie Giles, our Digital and Communications Officer, with the other Project Officers helping to identify suitable activities related to their areas of work. Activities in the project will be managed by external contractors Mayes Creative and Sue Kinley. If you have any questions regarding the project please contact Katie in the first instance by emailing 

For more details of our work with art in Penwith, including upcoming events and current competitions as well as art activities to complete at home, visit our Art and Activities page

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