Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Kresen a'n Tirwedh

Virtual Landscape Hub

Virtual Landscape Hub


Penwith Landscape Partnership


Online resources, promotion and communications


The aim of the Kresen a’n Tirwedh or the Virtual Landscape Hub was to bring together all the activities of the Penwith Landscape Partnership in one place using appropriate and innovative technology to enable people to learn more about the Penwith landscape and its heritage, and for our stakeholders to find out details of the scheme. It forms a vital part of the promotion of the Landscape Partnership as an integrated programme, aiming to inform people and communities across the PLP area.

The Virtual Landscape Hub has two main purposes: to regularly communicate the work of the PLP and its different projects to a variety of audiences; and to provide an easily-accessible archive of information about heritage in the Penwith landscape. We aim that the Hub will remain online and accessible for at least five years after the programme's end in June 2023.

Beneficiaries have included project staff and volunteers; stakeholders and funders who can see progress across the programme; and local residents and visitors to the Penwith area who can discover more about local heritage, learn about how to care for heritage and landscape features, and find ways to discover the landscape for themselves by following trails and visiting ancient sites.

This website is our Virtual Landscape Hub - please do explore and see what you can find out about our work and the Penwith landscape. It was developed by Iteracy working with our Digital and Communications Officer.  

Since the launch of the website back in 2019 we have shared a range of content to provide a digital legacy of our work in Penwith. This includes:


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