Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Bargednyow-Tir y'n Termyn a-dheu

Farming Futures

Farming Futures


External Contractors Precision Grazing and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) with the support of the Penwith Landscape Partnership Farm Environment Officer


Working with farmers to support farm businesses which are sensitive to Penwith's landscape, heritage and biodiversity


Bargednyow-Tir y’n Termyn a-dheu or Farming Futures addressed the impact of some of the current farming practices in Penwith which pose clear threats to its heritage and landscape. 

Grazing beef cattle remains one of the key management tools in looking after much of the Penwith moorland, and grazing is beneficial around some of the key ancient sites. Native breeds such as the Belted Galloway and the local breed of North Devons are particularly suited to this type of environment and farmers receive a premium to stock these animals to graze heathland under current Higher Level Stewardship. In addition, parishes in the south of Penwith such as Gulval and Paul were traditionally dominated by horticultural cropping. A shift from horticulture to grass and the growing of maize is resulting in increased soil erosion and declining fertility.

The project set up two areas of research and development - livestock and horticulture – and undertook the measurement of field data from demonstration or monitor farms, disseminated information gathered, organised speaker events and visits, and provided follow-up advice to farmers.

The project worked to ensure the economic viability of as many farms as possible, with farming continuing in either a full time or part time capacity whilst conserving the landscape and its heritage, by ensuring that farming practices are sustainable and conducive to protecting and enhancing the soil; and conserving and protecting the natural, built and cultural heritage.

The work on this project was managed by contractors and supported by our Farm Environment Officer; for the Livestock strand this was Precision Grazing, and for the Horticulture Strand LEAF UK

If you are a farmer in Penwith, you can find more information on our work on our Farming and Wildlife pages.

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