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By providing us with your personal details, you are consenting to the Penwith Landscape Partnership contacting you in the way you have indicated for the purposes of volunteering and for sending you the latest information and news from the scheme. Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the lead Partner pledges to hold your data securely and not to use it for any other purpose. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Please contact the Volunteer Programme Coordinator to request this.

Health and Safety Statement

I understand that the many of the volunteer roles are physically demanding and are often in remote locations with limited facilities. I confirm I am physically able to undertake the tasks discussed or outlined in the volunteer role description. I will inform a staff member if a task is beyond my ability. I will also inform the Volunteer Programme Coordinator if any of my details on this form change including any changes in my health which effect my volunteering or type of first aid treatment given in an emergency. By providing this information and registering as a volunteer with PLP you are covered by Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s public liability insurance. Please help us to keep this information up-to-date for you.