Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Aerial shot of Penwith landscape and coastTowl Gwrians Gwithans Tirwedh

Landscape Conservation Action Plan

The Penwith Landscape Partnership is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. During the programme’s development phase, a Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP) was drawn up for the scheme. This sets out the need for the Penwith Landscape Partnership, our aims, and details of our thirteen projects.

You can read the Landscape Conservation Action Plan by clicking on the links below to download the PDFs. Due to its length it has been split into four parts, which replicate the folders in which the printed version of the plan was stored. Some of these documents are still large and may take time to load on your device.

Please note that the LCAP was written before the full delivery of the PLP scheme begun in 2018; as such some of the details of the scheme evolved as the programme and its individual projects developed and external circumstances altered.

LCAP Part 1

LCAP Part 2

LCAP Part 3

LCAP Part 4

Image (c) Cornwall Council HER