Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
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Gaining artistic inspiration from Carn EunyArtys ha Bewderyow

Art and Activities

One of the aims of the Penwith Landscape Partnership is to encourage everyone to interact with the Penwith landscape and its heritage in ways they might not have originally thought of. To support this, our Seeing the Landscape project encourages interacting with the Penwith landscape through art - following in the footsteps of many artists who have been inspired by this area of Cornwall. Fun family activities have also been incorporated into some of our other projects, such as family walks for Ancient Penwith, and activity sheets for Penwith Hedges.

On this page we highlight our work with art and activities - including events such as exhibitions and workshops, our photographic and artistic competitions, and activities you can enjoy at home.

Artistic Events

Artist Amanda Richardson Painting blackberries in a Cornish HedgeSeeing the Landscape: Perspectives of Penwith Exhibition, St Just Miner's Chapel, 16th - 27th August 2022

Our Seeing the Landscape project has created a range of wonderful artworks - from children's photography to the outputs from family art workshops; stunning competition entries in a variety of mediums and works by professional artists. In August 2022 we were thrilled to bring these together in our Seeing the Landscape: Perspectives of Penwith exhibition. Set against the stunning backdrop of the St Just Miners' Chapel, at the heart of the exhibition were artworks by Amanda Richardson and Sara Bevan, who recorded the same section of Cornish Hedge through the seasons of the year with their different but complimentary styles of art. 

A massive thank you to all the artists that took part, and so generously loaned us their artworks to share with the local community and visitors - - and we hope every one who came was inspired to look at their local landscape in a whole new creative light!  


Art and Photography Competitions

Our art and photography competitions were for anyone who loved Penwith, and wanted to celebrate this with their creative side! A variety of gorgeous pieces were created as part of the competitions held.

Tinners' Way Art Competition

We are thrilled to be able to announce the winners in our Tinners' Way Art Competitions!  In the adult's category, amazing entries in photography, visual arts and written word were entered and scooped prizes. To find out who won and to see galleries of the entries click here. You can also see the wonderful waymarkers designed for our children's contest here.

Past Competitions

Here are details of the past artistic competitions we have held - follow the links to find out more and view galleries of the top entries.

Cornish Hedge Artwork Step 5Activities

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of fun activities related to the Penwith landscape that everyone can take part in at home.

Hedge Activities

As part of our Cornish Hedge week we now have a number of fun filled activity sheets, which can help all the family learn more about Cornish Hedges - to view and download the Activity Pack go to our Penwith Hedges page.

Family Art Activities

Sue Kinley has devised for us a number of family friendly art activities you can complete at home, inspired by the Penwith landscape - click on the links below for step by step instructions.

Artistic Commission - A Year of a Cornish Hedge

Artists Amanda Richardson and Sara Bevan were commissioned by us to artistically record a year of a Cornish Hedge, showcasing the changing of the seasons, and the beauty and biodiversity of these important and historic structures. You can find out more about them and their work for the commission on our blog - click here to read

Past Activities and Events

Mousehole School photographs of Sancreed Beacon and Tony's Wood exhibition

In March 2020 children from Lugger and Schooner classes at Mousehole School spent a morning out on Sancreed Beacon and in Tony’s Wood to explore these through photography. The children were provided with cameras and told they could photograph whatever they liked, and that we would then exhibit a picture chosen by them – allowing everyone to see the landscape through their eyes. Each child has now chosen the picture they most want to share and explained in their own words why it is important to them. Large prints of the images and the children's words were on display at the Solomon Browne Memorial Hall between 7th-17th June 2021. The children's images and texts can also be viewed here on our website - click here to find out more.

Inside the fogou at Carn EunySeeing the Landscape - Artists' Impressions of Carn Euny exhibition

In the Autumn of 2020 a number of artists joined Mayes Creative on walks through the Penwith landscape to the ancient settlement of Carn Euny, to learn more about and be inspired by this historic place as part of our Seeing the Landscape project. The participating artists went on to create stunning art works as a result, celebrating the beauty and heritage of this unique landscape. In June 2021 we were able to share some of these art works with visitors to Sancreed Village Hall, a true showcase of how Penwith can be interpreted through art. 

For everyone who has attended one of our workshops, visited our exhibitions, or tried our art activities - thank you! We hope we've inspired you to see the Penwith landscape through new eyes.