Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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PLP Newsletter Number 11Lytherow Nowodhow


Newsletter issue #19 - Kovadha henleow Pennwydh / Recording Penwith’s Ancient Sites

Newsletter issue #18 - Ow kweles an dirwedh - bydh awenys gans
Pennwydh / Seeing the Landscape – Get inspired by Penwith

Newsletter issue #17 - Gologvaow nowydh war Bennwydh / New Perspectives on Penwith

Newsletter issue #16 - Lesow ow tilea losowedh yn hen leow / Benefits of Vegetation Clearance at Ancient Sites

Newsletter issue #15 - Ow solempnya keow Pennwydh / Celebrating Penwith’s Cornish Hedges

Newsletter issue #14 - Ow pesya gans skoodhyans rag tiogyon a Bennwydh / Continuing to support Penwith’s farmers

Newsletter issue #13 - Ow tehweles gans ombrofyoryon dhe'n dirwel Pennwydh / Returning with volunteers to the Penwith landscape

Newsletter issue #12 - Hwath owth oberi rag Tirwedh Pennwydh ha ni yn-dann alhwedh / Still working for the Penwith landscape during lockdown

Newsletter issue #11 - Mires war tu ha Termynnow a dheu Ammethi gans agan towlen Lowartha Losow / Looking ahead to Farming Futures with our Horticulture project

Newsletter issue #10 - Diskudhewgh Pennwydh der agan Kresen a'n Tirwedh / Discover Penwith through our Virtual Landscape Hub

Newsletter issue #9 - Owth oberi gans tiogow rag skoodhya an tirwedh Pennwydh / Working with farmers to support the Penwith landscape

Newsletter issue #8 - Meras orth yn rag dhe hav bysi / Looking ahead to a busy summer

Newsletter issue #7 - Owth avonsya dh'agan hentylleryow / Improving access to our local sites

Newsletter issue #6 - Keskowethyans Tirwedh Pennwydh - gweyth ow pos gwres lebmyn / Landscape Project's up and running

Newsletter issue #5 - News from the Landscape Partnership

Newsletter issue #4 - Pennwydh yn termyn eus passys / Ancient Penwith

Newsletter issue #3 - Ow lavurya gans kemenethow a’n ranndir / Working with local communities

Newsletter issue #2 - Ow lavurya gans tiogow / Working with local farmers

Newsletter issue #1 - Wolkomm dh'agan lyther-nowodhow / Welcome to the first newsletter from the Penwith Landscape Partnership project


Press Releases

Press release December 2017 – First and Last - Our Living Working Landscape receives National Lottery Heritage Funding