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First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Cornish Hedge - Rosemergy towards PendeenKeow Pennywydh

Penwith Hedges

Exploring and celebrating the wonderful Cornish hedges of the Penwith Peninsula

Penwith is home to many miles of Cornish Hedges, perhaps up to 5,000 miles! These stone and earth features are an important part of the Penwith landscape, providing vital field boundaries and forming a key part in Penwith's biodiversity. Hedges across Penwith vary in date, however some of the oldest are thought to be around 4000 years old, making them as old as the pyramids in Egypt!

Beginning with our virtual hedge week in April 2021, this page will share information and resources on Cornish hedges - their structure, history, wildlife and importance.

What is a Cornish hedge?

So what exactly is a Cornish hedge? To answer the question Craig Johnson from the Squashbox Theatre has created this short film for us. Enjoy!

Cornish Hedging at Cape Cornwall with KerdroyaHedge Activities

Would you and your family like to learn more about Cornish hedges in a fun and interactive way? We've created a hedge activity pack - with a number of fun activities for all the family. Can you pick the right stones to mend the Cornish hedge? Or find the right path for mouse to climb from the bottom of the hedge to the top? Or maybe you prefer classic puzzles such as a word search or crossword. Click on the links below to view and download the pages - and have fun!


Cornish Hedge at Sennen

Artistic Appreciation of our Cornish Hedges

As part of our Virtual Cornish Hedge week in April 2021, we're running a competition asking for the best photographs of our wonderful Penwith Hedges. We are also asking for volunteers to record the same stretch of a Cornish Hedge once a month for a year, to provide an artistic record of a hedge through the seasons. This can be through photographs, or another artistic medium of your choice. To find out more about these opportunities click here. 

Repairing Penwith's Hedges

Repairing and restoring some of Penwith's Cornish hedges is just one of the tasks our volunteers undertake. We will also be asking for volunteers to help us survey Penwith's hedges, helping us to identify hedges by type and where they need repair. To take part in these activities please visit our Volunteer pages to find out more about volunteering with us and to register. (NB please note that group volunteer activities are currently limited in accordance with government guidelines. If you register as a volunteer with us you will be the first to hear when group sessions can resume and the activities that are taking place).