Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Carn KenidjackHwedhlow ha lien gwerin Pennwydh

Penwith tales and folklore

The Penwith landscape is full of wonderful tales and folklore that capture some of the atmosphere and heritage of this unique place. A part of our Taking Names project is to record and share these tales with others, to ensure they survive for future generations.

Omdoloryon Karn Ujek

The Wrestlers of Carn Kenidjack

One famous tale linked with the Penwith landscape is that of the Demon Wrestlers of Carn Kenidjack. This location, also known as the 'Hooting Carn' sits in a landscape linked with stories of witches, piskies, faeries and even Satan himself. This tale captures some of the mystery of this enigmatic location, and has been recorded by our Para Kernewek (Cornish team) Loveday and Tony in both English and Kernewek (Cornish). Click the link below to have a listen!

Wrestlers of Carn Kenidjack in Cornish and English recording

Mappa lien gwerin Lannust

St Just Folklore Map

All the parishes in Penwith host a great deal of folklore, and St Just is no exception! To celebrate this we have created a StoryMap highlighting some of the folklore of St Just Parish - have a browse below (or click here to view it on the StoryMaps website)

2017-02-02 Merry Maidens stone circle 02Lien gwerin Pennwydh y’gan skrol ha media kowethasek

Penwith folklore on our blog and social media

We have shared quite a few posts relating to Penwith's folklore on our blog - you can see all the posts here.

We also regularly share folklore related posts on our social media channels, so to join in the discussion make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kevrennewgh agas hwedhlow teythyek genen

Share your local tales with us!

As part of our Taking Names project we want to record Penwith tales, old and new, so that future generations can continue to enjoy Penwith's folklore. As such if you have a Penwith story that you have heard, or that has been passed through your family, please let us know! Email or contact our Digital and Communications Officer Katie on