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First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Explore the latest news from the Penwith Landscape Partnership through our blog posts below.

Madron Well Blog 4 - Folklore of Madron Well

28th March 2023

Learn more about the fascinating folklore of Madron Well in Penwith in this last in a series of blog posts on this historic site.

Madron Well Blog 3 - The Habitat of Well Moor

11th January 2023

In this blog, Laura share information about the natural habitat of Well Moor surrounding Penwith's Madron Chapel and Well

Madron Well Blog 2 - History of the Chapel and Well

13th December 2022

Learn more about the history of Madron Chapel and Well, from research undertaken by the Penwith Landscape Partnership to care for the site.

Madron Well - Blog 1

16th November 2022

The first in a series of blogs where you can learn more about the work we are undertaking at Madron Well. 

What's in a soil? Digging trial pits with volunteers to find out!

30th September 2022

Our volunteers have been digging trial pits at locations in Penwith to investigate what archaeological remains may lie beneath the soil, under the guidance of our team archaeologist Laura. Learn more about what happened in this blog.

Sites to Visit on the PLEN

6th January 2022

Before Christmas on our social media, we shared 24 of the individual sites you can visit on our Penwith Landscape Exploration Network, or PLEN for short - in this blog we have pulled all these direct links together to enhance your exploration of the site

St Levan's Chapel Rescue Excavation

30th November 2021

In September and October 2021 the Penwith Landscape Partnership have been working closely with Cornwall Archaeological Unit to excavate the remain of St Levan's Chapel, a tiny Medieval Chapel on the coast near Port Chapel prompted by concerns for its condition and survival. In this blog find out more about what was discovered.

Introducing the Penwith Landscape Exploration Network (The PLEN)

21st October 2021

The Penwith Landscape Partnership are pleased to introduce the Penwith Landscape Exploration Network, also known as the PLEN. This interactive portal allows you to explore the Penwith landscape, with its ancient sites, trails and habitats, virtually from home. In this blog our Ancient Penwith Project Officer Laura shares how the PLEN was created.

Access to Mulfra Vean Settlement!

26th July 2021

New public access into Mulfra Vean prehistoric settlement

Penwith in the Summer

19th July 2021

Summer is here, and here's some ways you can enjoy the season in Penwith with the help of the Penwith Landscape Partnership

Duchy College Students discuss their PLP work placement

5th January 2021

A group of students from Duchy College have been on a work placement with the Penwith Landscape Partnership, working out in the landscape. In this blog they each share their experiences from this placement.

Reconstructing Penwith's Ancient History

9th November 2020

Our Ancient Penwith Project Officer Laura and artist Phoebe Herring discuss the process for creating historical reconstructions of some of Penwith's wonderful ancient sites

Celebrating our Penwith A to Z

4th September 2020

Recently on social media we've been highlighting different aspects of Penwith and our work with our Penwith A to Z- here's a recap for anyone who missed it!

Virtual Heritage from the Ancient Penwith Project

5th June 2020

Laura, our Ancient Penwith Project Officer, and Tom Goskar from the Curatorial Research Centre share information on the digital recording of Ancient Sites in Penwith, including Photogrammetry

Ancient Penwith site clearance

30th March 2020

Our Ancient Penwith Officer, Laura, shares information on our work clearing and surveying ancient sites