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Varfell Farms LEAF Demonstration Farm Launch

4th April 2023

Megan Whatty from LEAF reports on the launch of Varfell Farms as a LEAF Demonstration Farm.

Cornwall Real Food and Farming Conference videos

30th March 2023

Watch videos of the five panel sessions at the Cornwall Real Food and Farming Conference, held in Penzance in January 2023.

Integrated Pest Management in Livestock

24th November 2022

Megan Whatty from LEAF shares information and advice for farmers on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Livestock.

What's in a soil? Digging trial pits with volunteers to find out!

30th September 2022

Our volunteers have been digging trial pits at locations in Penwith to investigate what archaeological remains may lie beneath the soil, under the guidance of our team archaeologist Laura. Learn more about what happened in this blog.

Preparing for Winter after the Dry Summer

22nd August 2022

James Daniel of Precision Grazing and Phil Pengelly, Farm Environment Officer for the Penwith Landscape Partnership, share a YouTube video and information for farmers, with advice on preparing for winter after the current dry summer.

Slurry Management for Clean Air and Water

17th June 2022

Megan Whatty from LEAF shares a blog on the importance to farmers of slurry management for clean air and water.

Spring Grazing Management

1st April 2022

James Daniel of Precision Grazing and Phil Pengelly of the PLP have written a blog and recorded a video on spring grazing management for farmers, especially in the light of rising costs.

Edward Richardson presented with High Sheriff's Award

18th March 2022

On 21 Feb 2022 Penwith Landscape Partnership board member and farming advisor Edward Richardson was presented with a High Sheriff's Award, for his services to the local community in Cornwall.

Reducing Nitrogen Fertiliser Usage

6th December 2021

With the price of Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser set to climb above £700 per tonne (Farmers Guardian 22/11/2021) James Daniel of Precision Grazing and our Farm Environment Officer Phil Pengelly discuss how farmers can reduce their reliance on artificial nitrogen fertiliser whist achieving the most profitable level of production in a YouTube video and our latest blog. 

LEAF report on Varfell Farm Tour

27th July 2021

On July 15th, LEAF headed down to Penwith to check out Varfell Farms who will be joining the national LEAF Demonstration Farm Network in 2022 as a legacy of the Penwith Landscape Partnership horticulture project being run by LEAF. In this blog, Lucy Bates from LEAF shares more information on the tour and what was seen.

Out with West Penwith's Bees and Bee Man

21st June 2021

Our Programme Manager Julian shares sightings of some of Penwith's bees and other insects he spotted in the company of Paddy Saunders from Kernow Ecology

Agriculture and Climate Change: Carbon Footprints and beyond

28th May 2021

In the latest blog post from LEAF, Rebecca Davis shares how important managed agriculture is to help manage Carbon emissions in the future, and how LEAF is working with farmers towards this goal

Hedge vs Wall

19th May 2021

Claire from the PLP discusses her maintenance of a Cornish Hedge in her garden, and preparation for an upcoming event called 'The Wall'

Managing a Late Spring with James Daniel

13th May 2021

Following on from their recent podcast, James Daniel of Precision Grazing and Phil Pengelly our Farming Environment Officer share information for farmers on how to manage a late spring.


10th March 2021

Linked Environment and Farming (LEAF) shares information on the Environmental Land Management funding scheme and how it can help Penwith farmers

Nofence Virtual Fence System in Penwith

18th February 2021

Phil, our Farm Environment Officer, has been working with Synne Foss Budal of Nofence in Norway, local farm stakeholders Lisa and Piers Guy and James Daniel of Precision Grazing on the creation of a series of YouTube films about the Nofence virtual fence system and its use in Penwith - read the blog to find out more!

Alleviating Soil Compaction

8th February 2021

As this is the time of year when farmers think about soil compaction, Phil shares a blog on how using an aerator can alleviate this

Duchy College Students discuss their PLP work placement

5th January 2021

A group of students from Duchy College have been on a work placement with the Penwith Landscape Partnership, working out in the landscape. In this blog they each share their experiences from this placement.

The LEAF Sustainable Farming Review - what, why and when!

18th December 2020

Rebecca Davis from LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) shares an update for the Horticulture section of our Farming Future project with news of LEAF's online Sustainable Farming Review tool

Stock farming – Preparing for Winter

10th December 2020

Discussion about preparing stock for winter, with James Daniel, Edward Richardson and Phil Pengelly. 

Integrated Pest Management in Field Veg

11th November 2020

Lucy Bates from LEAF, who are managing the Horticulture Section of our Farming Futures project, shares an update on their work focusing on Integrated Pest Management

Buildings in the Landscape helps Chytodden Farm open accommodation for autistic adults

9th October 2020

We're pleased to share the successful conversion of a disused farm building into accommodation for autistic adults with the support of our Buildings in the Landscape project

Celebrating our Penwith A to Z

4th September 2020

Recently on social media we've been highlighting different aspects of Penwith and our work with our Penwith A to Z- here's a recap for anyone who missed it!

IPM In Action – working with nature to control pests

27th July 2020

An update from LEAF on their work relating to the Farming Futures Horticulture project, particularly relating to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Soil Association's Virtual Field Days on Herbal Leys online

29th June 2020

The Soil Association has made videos from Virtual Field Days on Herbal Leys available on their website

Dry Weather Planning for Farmers

1st June 2020

James Daniel from Precision Grazing with Edward Richardson from Farm Cornwall and the Penwith Landscape Partnership's Phil Pengelly present ideas and advice for Dry Weather Planning for Farmers

Cornwall and IOS Growth Hub support for farmers

22nd May 2020

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Hub share how they can support Penwith farmers and businesses

Update from LEAF for Farming Futures Horticulture Project

18th May 2020

Lucy Bates of LEAF gives us an update on the Farming Futures - Horticulture Project

Recent Activities for the Penwith Landscape Partnership

19th February 2020

A summary of the recent activities for the Penwith Landscape Partnership

The Farming Futures Horticulture Project

22nd January 2020

We were excited to launch the Horticulture strand of our Farming Futures Project with LEAF at an event on 20th January.

Report from Farming Futures event at St Buryan Inn

9th December 2019

On Tuesday 26th November a group of approximately 25 people gathered at the St.Buryan Inn to hear about the progress of the Livestock Demonstration Units as part of the Penwith Landscape Partnership – Farming Futures project. Find out about what was discussed on the evening.

Report from Dairy Conference

4th November 2019

Edward Hosking reports back form the LIC "Mind the Profit Gap" Dairy Conference

Report from our Interactive Training Day on Herbal Leys

28th October 2019

On Thursday 26th September Dr Hannah Jones representing both Duchy College and Reading University led an event at Sancreed Village Hall on management of Herbal Leys- find out more about what was covered on this event.

Penwith Farmers learn more about Safe Use of Fertilisers

17th October 2019

Local farmers attended a course by Greenway Training on the Safe Use of Fertilisers and Manures

Article - Condensed Tannins and their Benefits to Ruminants

3rd October 2019

Joss Dauncey Bsc shares his research into the benefit of condensed tannins for ruminants

The benefits of Herbal Leys

28th August 2019

There has been a lot of interest in Herbal Leys of late, but it is not a new idea as it was mentioned in farmers' guides going back a hundred years- here we look at this farming practice and how it can benefit Penwith farmers.

PLP at the St Buryan Rally 2019

2nd August 2019

On the weekend of the 27th-28th July 2019 the Penwith Landscape Partnership attended the St Buryan Rally for the first time, with a marquee full of activities for all the family.

Working with farmers on Soil Health

2nd May 2019

The Penwith Landscape Partnership team have been working with farmers in Penwith.