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Autumn dawn over holed stones by Carolyn KennettKesstrif art Hyns an Stenoryon

Tinners’ Way Art Competition

The Tinners’ Way is an ancient trackway that crosses the Penwith landscape, from the area around St Just to the port of St Ives. It is thought that the trackway was used to transport tin and copper from the mineral-rich areas around St Just to sheltered anchorages on the coast. Following high ground through the Penwith landscape, the Tinners’ Way passes close to ancient sites, crosses farmland and moorland, provides stunning landscapes and scenery, and gives an opportunity to explore Penwith through heritage, folklore and place names. To learn more about the Tinners’ Way, view our StoryMap by clicking here.

To celebrate the Tinners’ Way and its part in Penwith’s heritage, we were very pleased to announce our Tinners' Way Art Competition, with three categories to enter for adults. 

Winners Announced

From a very high standard of entries we are pleased to announce the winners in all three of our Tinners' Way Art competition categories - read below to find out more and to view a gallery of the top entries.


The picture top right is the winner of our photography category, of the Tregeseal Holed stones at Autumn Dawn by Carolyn Kennett. Carolyn also took the photograph that placed second of Cape Cornwall, while a lovely image of Nine Maidens Stone Circle by Tim Pearson placed Third. Our judges also chose two images to be Highly Commended and 3 to be Commended from among the entries. To view a gallery of all the top placed entries click the button below.

Tinners' Way Photography Category winners gallery

Where am I going With this? Artwork by Jo HareVisual art

From a variety of stunning artworks the painting right, entitled 'Where am I Going with this' by Jo Hare, was placed first by our judges. The piece was inspired by colours found in the Penwith landscape. In second place was a painting of the Engine House at Commando Ridge by Victoria Bayliss, while Third was a mixed media collage showcasing an amalgamation of memories from around the Tinners' Way by Sybil Hardy. Two more excellent artworks were also Highly Commended by our judges. You can view all of these entries in our winners gallery by clicking the button below.

Tinners' Way Visual Arts category winners gallery

Written word

Of the many creative entries into this category, the winner was Peter Parkinson's piece 'The Right Way'; a short story inspired by the mysterious nature of the Tinners' Way. In second place was the poem 'Love and Loss in Flood' by Jackie Carpenter, inspired by the Miners of old travelling to and from work on the historic trackway. This category was so competitive that we had a joint Third place - Barbara Armstrong's piece was also inspired by the journeys of the Miners of the past, with a twist; while Gail Charman was inspired by a birthday walk she took along the Tinners' Way with her brother. Their pieces, and two more placed Highly Commended by our judges, can be seen in our gallery below. When in the gallery, click on each small image to open a PDF of each entry and read them in full.

Tinners' Way Written Word category winners


A massive congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered the competition - we were blown away by the standard of entries and how creative everyone is. The top entries in all the categories were also included in our Seeing the Landscape exhibition in August 2022, where they were loved by our visitors!