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Explore the latest news from the Penwith Landscape Partnership through our blog posts below.

Introducing the Penwith Landscape Exploration Network (The PLEN)

21st October 2021

The Penwith Landscape Partnership are pleased to introduce the Penwith Landscape Exploration Network, also known as the PLEN. This interactive portal allows you to explore the Penwith landscape, with its ancient sites, trails and habitats, virtually from home. In this blog our Ancient Penwith Project Officer Laura shares how the PLEN was created.

LANTRA Courses for Penwith Farmers and Growers

5th October 2021

The Penwith Landscape Partnership will be running two LANTRA courses, which are free of charge to farmers and growers and their staff who live or work in the PLP area in Autumn 2021

Farm Walk and Farmers' Evening Meeting

7th September 2021

We are pleased to announce two upcoming events aimed at Penwith farmers on 28th September 2021 - a farm walk and a later farmers' evening meeting. Read our post to find out more!

Work for the Penwith Landscape Partnership

1st September 2021

Find out more about two vacancies currently in the Penwith Landscape Partnership team - Programme Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

An artistic summer inspired by Penwith

16th August 2021

This summer has seen a number of events linked with our Seeing the Landscape project - appreciating and celebrating the Penwith landscape through art. Here we have a look at some of the events that have taken place!

LEAF report on Varfell Farm Tour

27th July 2021

On July 15th, LEAF headed down to Penwith to check out Varfell Farms who will be joining the national LEAF Demonstration Farm Network in 2022 as a legacy of the Penwith Landscape Partnership horticulture project being run by LEAF. In this blog, Lucy Bates from LEAF shares more information on the tour and what was seen.

Access to Mulfra Vean Settlement!

26th July 2021

New public access into Mulfra Vean prehistoric settlement

Join us as our Ecologist

21st July 2021

The Penwith Landscape Partnership currently has a vacancy for an Ecologist - read this post to find out more about the role.

Penwith in the Summer

19th July 2021

Summer is here, and here's some ways you can enjoy the season in Penwith with the help of the Penwith Landscape Partnership

Farmers' Events this July

22nd June 2021

This July we have a number of courses and events for farmers - read the post to find out more!

Out with West Penwith's Bees and Bee Man

21st June 2021

Our Programme Manager Julian shares sightings of some of Penwith's bees and other insects he spotted in the company of Paddy Saunders from Kernow Ecology

Agriculture and Climate Change: Carbon Footprints and beyond

28th May 2021

In the latest blog post from LEAF, Rebecca Davis shares how important managed agriculture is to help manage Carbon emissions in the future, and how LEAF is working with farmers towards this goal

Hedge vs Wall

19th May 2021

Claire from the PLP discusses her maintenance of a Cornish Hedge in her garden, and preparation for an upcoming event called 'The Wall'

Managing a Late Spring with James Daniel

13th May 2021

Following on from their recent podcast, James Daniel of Precision Grazing and Phil Pengelly our Farming Environment Officer share information for farmers on how to manage a late spring.

Create a Cornish Hedge artwork with Seeing the Landscape

1st April 2021

Just in time for Easter weekend, and to tie in with our Hedge Week, Sue Kinley has shared another great family art activity - creating your own Cornish Hedge artwork! Read the post to find how.

Virtual Hedge Week is Coming - 6th-9th April 2021

19th March 2021

The Penwith Landscape Partnership are holding an online celebration of the Cornish Hedge on 6th-9th April 2021 - read our blog to find out what we have planned!


10th March 2021

Linked Environment and Farming (LEAF) shares information on the Environmental Land Management funding scheme and how it can help Penwith farmers

Enjoy the Tale of St Piran in Kernewek and English

3rd March 2021

Tony and Loveday, our Para Kernewek, have recorded the tale of St Piran in Kernewek and English, with a quiz at the end.

Nofence Virtual Fence System in Penwith

18th February 2021

Phil, our Farm Environment Officer, has been working with Synne Foss Budal of Nofence in Norway, local farm stakeholders Lisa and Piers Guy and James Daniel of Precision Grazing on the creation of a series of YouTube films about the Nofence virtual fence system and its use in Penwith - read the blog to find out more!

Alleviating Soil Compaction

8th February 2021

As this is the time of year when farmers think about soil compaction, Phil shares a blog on how using an aerator can alleviate this

Penwith in the Picture - managing our photographs

28th January 2021

The Penwith Landscape Partnership has taken thousands of photographs of Penwith and our work - here's how we look after them

PLP Access - Winter Update

8th January 2021

An update from Access Officer Matt Watts on the activity carried out in the Autumn, and what's planned for the new year.

An update on our work in the coming weeks

6th January 2021

An update on the work of the Penwith Landscape Partnership in the coming weeks

Duchy College Students share experiences of their PLP work placement

5th January 2021

A group of students from Duchy College have been on a work placement with the Penwith Landscape Partnership, working out in the landscape. In this blog they each share their experiences from this placement.

A Running Pilgrimage in Penwith

24th December 2020

Claire shares her recent run on the St Michael's Way through the Penwith landscape

Creating a Christmas Spiral Tree Decoration with Seeing the Landscape

21st December 2020

Sue Kinley shares a great festive art activity incorporating Penwith greenery as part of our Seeing the Landscape project

The LEAF Sustainable Farming Review - what, why and when!

18th December 2020

Rebecca Davis from LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) shares an update for the Horticulture section of our Farming Future project with news of LEAF's online Sustainable Farming Review tool

Boos Nadelik - Christmas Food

16th December 2020

Tony from our Para Kernewek (Cornish team) shares some festive Kernewek for you to add a Cornish flair to your Christmas Dinner this year

Stock farming – Preparing for Winter

10th December 2020

Discussion about preparing stock for winter, with James Daniel, Edward Richardson and Phil Pengelly. 

Create a Stained Glass Design inspired by Penwith with Seeing the Landscape

25th November 2020

Sue Kinley shares another great family art activity - creating a stained glass design inspired by the sights and colours of Penwith

Integrated Pest Management in Field Veg - Penwith growers lead the way

11th November 2020

Lucy Bates from LEAF, who are managing the Horticulture Section of our Farming Futures project, shares an update on their work focusing on Integrated Pest Management

Reconstructing Penwith's Ancient History

9th November 2020

Our Ancient Penwith Project Officer Laura and artist Phoebe Herring discuss the process for creating historical reconstructions of some of Penwith's wonderful ancient sites

An update on Penwith Landscape Partnership activities in the coming weeks

3rd November 2020

An update on our activities in light of changing Covid-19 restrictions

Ghostly Spirits, Phantom Hands and even a Whooper - spirited tales from Penwith

29th October 2020

In honour of Halloween we've compiled some of Penwith's spookiest ghost stories - read on if you dare!

New work experience opportunity for Duchy College students with the PLP

20th October 2020

Our Volunteer Coordinator Nick shares news of an exciting new collaboration with Duchy College, providing work experience for six students.

Our Buildings in the Landscape project helps Chytodden Farm open accommodation for autistic adults

9th October 2020

We're pleased to share the successful conversion of a disused farm building into accommodation for autistic adults with the support of our Buildings in the Landscape project

Mosaic and Stripes Art Activity with Seeing the Landscape

7th October 2020

Sue Kinley shares another great art activity you can try as part of our Seeing the Landscape project

Celebrating our Penwith A to Z

4th September 2020

Recently on social media we've been highlighting different aspects of Penwith and our work with our Penwith A to Z- here's a recap for anyone who missed it!

Make your Own Concertina Sketchbook with Seeing the Landscape

28th August 2020

Sue Kinley, who is working on family activities for our Seeing the Landscape project, shares a fun artistic activity for all the family- make a concertina sketchbook for recording the Penwith landscape.

Our New trails can guide you through the heritage of the Penwith Landscape

14th August 2020

A look at the new trail guides that are going live on our website

IPM In Action – working with nature to control those pests that keen for the greens!

27th July 2020

An update from LEAF on their work relating to the Farming Futures Horticulture project, particularly relating to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Penwith folklore - giants, mermaids and faerie folk

14th July 2020

We share some of the folklore tales from our social media channels relating to Penwith's mythological creatures

PLP Evaluation Film Contract

9th July 2020

The Penwith Landscape Partnership are inviting expressions of interest for a film, or films, to meaningfully record the work of the PLP Programme

Virtual Heritage from the Ancient Penwith Project

5th June 2020

Laura, our Ancient Penwith Project Officer, and Tom Goskar from the Curatorial Research Centre share information on the digital recording of Ancient Sites in Penwith, including Photogrammetry

Over 700 species discovered during our Virtual Garden BioBlitz

26th May 2020

The results are in from our Virtual Garden BioBlitz, and Penwith residents really channeled that 'BioBlitz' spirit to record some amazing species

The Glory of Nature's Colours

13th May 2020

Claire shares her thoughts on the wonderful colours that can be found in the Penwith landscape

Buildings in the Landscape Project COVID-19 update

27th April 2020

James Evans shares an update on the work that is still able to take place on the Buildings in the Landscape project during the COVID-19 lockdown

Rise before Sunrise

16th April 2020

Claire shares the beauty found when taking your daily exercise early in the morning

The Joy of Birds

3rd April 2020

Now working from home, Claire shares the joy that can be found in the birds in her garden

Ancient Penwith site clearance

30th March 2020

Our Ancient Penwith Officer, Laura, shares information on our work clearing and surveying ancient sites

Exploring your local Penwith landscape

23rd March 2020

Our Access Officer Matt Watts shares advice on maintaining health on the footpaths of the Penwith landscape

Finding happiness in the Penwith landscape from Carn Bosavern

20th March 2020

On the International Day of Happiness, Claire shares the happiness she has found in the Penwith Landscape from Carn Bosavern

Penwith Landscape Partnership activities over the next few months

17th March 2020

A summary of what measures the Penwith Landscape Partnership is taking in light of government guidance to prevent the transmission of COVID-19

Lunchtime escape to the St Just countryside

3rd March 2020

Our Programme Officer Claire Backhouse shares some thoughts from her regular lunchtime walk

New Artistic Contractor roles available with the Penwith Landscape Partnership

28th February 2020

Are you passionate about the arts and the Penwith landscape? We have three artistic workshop leader contract roles open for Expressions of Interest.

Recent Activities for the Penwith Landscape Partnership

19th February 2020

A summary of the recent activities for the Penwith Landscape Partnership

From Hart's Tongue to Polypodies- First Impressions of Penwith

7th February 2020

Julian Branscombe, who joined the Penwith Landscape Partnership as Programme Manager in November, shares some early impressions of Penwith and the work of the PLP

The Farming Futures Horticulture Project

22nd January 2020

We were excited to launch the Horticulture strand of our Farming Futures Project with LEAF at an event on 20th January.

It's a New Year, and there's lots to come from the Penwith Landscape Partnership

8th January 2020

2020 is looking like another exciting year for the Penwith Landscape Partnership

Our Penwith Christmas Alphabet

23rd December 2019

On social media we have been counting down to Christmas with our Penwith Christmas alphabet, inspired by the famous Dickie Valentine song- and we're pleased to share the complete song with you.

Nadelik Lowen! Merry Christmas from from the Penwith Landscape Partnership

20th December 2019

An update on our activities over the Christmas period

Report from Farming Futures event at St Buryan Inn- 26th November

9th December 2019

On Tuesday 26th November a group of approximately 25 people gathered at the St.Buryan Inn to hear about the progress of the Livestock Demonstration Units as part of the Penwith Landscape Partnership – Farming Futures project. Find out about what was discussed on the evening.

Penwith Landscape Partnership is Highly Commended at Volunteer Awards

26th November 2019

The Penwith Landscape Partnership won Highly Commended in the Host of the Year category of the Cornwall Celebrates Volunteering awards

Walking Weekend 2019

5th November 2019

A roundup of the guided walks held as part of last month's event

Things that go bump in Penwith

1st November 2019

In honour of Halloween we're sharing some spooky tales from Penwith

Race for Wildlife coming to Penwith- 1st December 2019

28th October 2019

The Race for Wildlife is coming to Penwith on 1st December 2019- find out how it affects you

Our Walking Weekend is here!

18th October 2019

The 18th-19th October is the Penwith Landscape Partnership Walking Weekend 2019

Penwith Farmers learn more about Safe Use of Fertilisers

17th October 2019

Local farmers attended a course by Greenway Training on the Safe Use of Fertilisers and Manures

Halloween is coming and we want your Penwith tales!

14th October 2019

It's not long now until Halloween, and we'd love to hear your spooky Penwith tales

Our Walking Weekend is coming on 18th-19th October

1st October 2019

Join us for three free guided walks in the Penwith landscape at our Walking Weekend on 18th-19th October 2019

Buildings in the Landscape project is seeking to restore historic buildings in Penwith

20th September 2019

Funding support is available for Penwith farmers to obtain planning and building regulations approval for the conversion of traditional barns to alternative uses.

New Cornish language menu available on our website

10th September 2019

Those looking to brush up their Cornish can now do so on our website with our new Cornish language menu

Could you be the Programme Manager for the Penwith Landscape Partnership?

30th August 2019

We are looking for an excellent project manager with great people skills to lead and manage the Penwith Landscape Partnership scheme. 

PLP at the St Buryan Rally 2019

2nd August 2019

On the weekend of the 27th-28th July 2019 the Penwith Landscape Partnership attended the St Buryan Rally for the first time, with a marquee full of activities for all the family.

Welcome to the Penwith Landscape Partnership Virtual Landscape Hub

19th July 2019

Welcome to the new website for the Penwith Landscape Partnership - our Virtual Landscape Hub to share information on our work and the Penwith landscape.  

St Just Folklore Trail is now live

5th July 2019

Explore points related to folklore in St Just parish with our online StoryMap

Latest news from the Penwith Landscape Partnership

2nd May 2019

Here's an update of the latest news from the Penwith Landscape Partnership

Cheryl Straffon presented with Heritage Champion Award

28th November 2018

We are delighted to announce that our board member Cheryl Straffon has been presented with the Cornwall Heritage Trust’s Heritage Champion award.