Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Coastal Views from PolgiggaNow is perhaps a more important time than ever to get outside and enjoy a walk in the landscape that is on your doorstep, for maintaining both mental and physical wellbeing in these troubled times. Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to go for a walk with my parents, from their house in Polgigga along the Bosistow lane and down to the cove of Nanjizal. After a stop on the beach, a steep climb up onto the headland and remnant Iron Age Cliff Castle of Carn Lês Boel, then inland across the coastal heath (a low lying carpet of wind sculpted bushes of closely intertwined gorse and heather), up a fantastic ancient-feeling hedged to Higher Bosistow, and returned. The weather was beautiful; a chill wind, but much of the walk we were sheltered from it, and basked in the sun. The warmth of spring light; blackthorn blossoming in pockets, and some bees bumbling about! It was easy to keep at least 2m distance from my parents, and still be able to hold good conversation while walking. For the rest of the day, I felt thoroughly enriched, warmed by the sun, and – seeing spring subtly springing before my eyes, and water trickling through streams - much reassured and calmed for a while.

So, if your circumstances and health allow, I urge you to get outside for a walk, as long as in doing so you are avoiding all unnecessary travel and maintaining appropriate social distancing in line with government advice. What better form of social distancing than to go for a wander on some of your local footpaths? There really is no need to travel miles to do this, wherever you may be. We’ve started putting together a set of route guides for Penwith – we have many more to come, but the first three are here. I hope that each one can show just how much of a rich depth of human and natural history to be appreciated, wherever you go. Here in Penwith we are blessed with having such an amazing landscape to explore, right on our doorstep. And, the weather forecast for the coming week is looking great!

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