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A-dro dhe Henwyn-Tyller

Taking Names

Taking Names


A contracted Language and Culture Advisor working with the Penwith Landscape Partnership team


Knowing and recording our past: Research into and communication of historic place and field-names
Assistance with Cornish Language interpretation and application to all projects


A-dro dhe Henwyn-Tyller or Taking Names aims to share with the whole community information about the Cornish language- especially how it is reflected in our landscape to show how Cornish helps our understanding and sense of place. The project will encourage the Cornish language to be used more widely as a means to understand and appreciate the Penwith landscape through increased knowledge, particularly of field and place names.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To record the many stories, myths and legends passed down by word of mouth by families, and make them accessible to all before they are lost, including preserving their context and links to the landscape.

  • To reach out and share our knowledge and research of names in the landscape and what these mean with everyone, including making Cornish accessible to school children. 

  • To gather oral histories from older members of the Penwith community, building on existing oral history projects that have taken place.

  • To work with identified and interested groups to discuss opportunities for sharing Cornish interpretation materials relating to the landscape, and to build on previous experiences.

The beneficiaries of this project will be wide-ranging; including all project participants, local residents and visitors, Cornish language societies and local history groups, schools and colleges, and Cornwall Council. As well as embedding the Cornish language across the programme, key outputs for this project will include guided walks in Cornish for Cornish speakers, names and memory days, language taster sessions, and online resources including a guide to language in the landscape.

This project will be embedded across the whole programme, and delivering its outputs is part of the role of all the project officers. Katie Giles, our Digital and Communications Officer, will share the results from the project, while the lead on this work will be managed by the contracted services of a Language and Culture Advisor. 

Loveday Jenkin and Tony Phillips have recently been contracted to embed and promote Cornish language and culture across the programme. If you would like to contact them please email 

St Just Parish Folklore Trail

As part of our work we have created a StoryMap highlighting locations associated with folklore in St Just parish. Please view our Story Map below (or see it on the StoryMaps website here). 

(Please note that depending on the speed of your internet connection the images in the StoryMap might take a few seconds to load.)


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