Kynsa ha Diwettha – Agan Tirwedh Bewa ha Gonis
First and Last – Our Living Working Landscape
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Kemenessansow ha Styryans

Communication and Interpretation

One of our core aims to increase awareness of the Penwith landscape, and the important relationship between the landscape and local culture.

One of the key ways we will be sharing information is through our Virtual Landscape Hub - this website which will continue to grow and develop a range of content as we continue our work. Our Taking Names project will be looking at the presence of Cornish language in the landscape, as well as local stories and folklore. Finally, Seeing the Landscape aims to celebrate the landscape through arts, culture and local communities. All three projects intersect with the other ten projects in our programme of work, ensuring that communication and outreach is embedded throughout.

Click on the links below to find out more.

Virtual Landscape Hub
Creating an online resource on our work and the Penwith landscape
Taking Names
Celebrating and sharing the Cornish language in the Penwith Landscape
Seeing the Landscape
Linking the Penwith landscape with local culture and communities